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As engineers, we’re trained to adapt and solve problems in even the most demanding situations. We also deliver results in an efficient and exact manner that respects your schedule and budget. Our experience in all areas of land development enables us to help clients realize the full potential of their properties. Further, we’re able to help them successfully manage the increasing demands and complexities of regulatory agencies. Above all, we bring our credentials, reputation for excellence and absolute integrity. We consistently give our clients the very highest level of engineering expertise and service. We also give them the confidence to strive toward their most ambitious goals, knowing that we’re helping to guard their interests.


Our team is experienced in the end-to-end design, approval, and construction of commercial properties. We understand the complexities of safety, compliance, and environmental sustainability involved in commercial projects, including retail, hospitality, medical, and business facilities.

Communication and flexibility are integral to our approach. We take a hands-on role in commercial projects to ensure a safe, efficient process with successful results. Detailed and thorough planning allows us to anticipate roadblocks and proactively develop workaround solutions. Starting at your project’s conception, we can manage all phases of commercial site development and construction.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

Whether you are trying to build infrastructure, develop land, improve commerce and recreation, or restore a habitat, hydrology and hydraulic efforts can significantly impact the schedule and cost of your project.

Hydraulic systems are unique, often requiring a significant amount of money and resources for optimization and may not provide an immediate return. Additionally, with the complexity of local, state, and federal requirements, permitting can take years. Resolving your hydrology and hydraulic engineering challenges requires experience and understanding, as well as a sense of how the system can work as part of the overall project.


Industrial projects require diverse capabilities, including site procurement and development, facility design and construction, and strategic planning. We can assist you with one aspect of your industrial project, or provide fully-integrated Project Management from concept to completion.

Our focus is on enhancing productivity and boosting your bottom line. We work closely with industrial clients to help them solve immediate problems and achieve long-term profitability. Whether you’re developing a new industrial complex or improving existing systems and facilities, we have the experience and expertise to manage your endeavor.


Rezoning and access. Floodplain and environmental issues. Permits and impact fees. These are only a few of the potential obstacles to address during the predevelopment stage of your land development project.

But how can you commit to a site if you don’t know what’s going to happen down the line? The answer starts with the steps you take before you break ground or even purchase property, which could mean the difference between your project’s success and failure. Weighing important site selection factors—like hard and soft costs, schedule, and risk—and identifying obstacles early on can save you time and money from initial site selection through regulatory approval.

Our Values

  • Technical Excellence: Excellent knowledge of the job and professional expertise, understands the requirements of chosen field. Stays current. Produces quality work.
  • Success Oriented: Persistent, willing to give extra effort and initiative. Understands what drives success, uncovering what is really important to success in any situation. 
  • Personal Accountability: Can be counted on; accomplishes things in a timely manner and on a consistent basis. Follows through on commitments. Able to answer for self and others. 
  • Positive: Constructively looks for ways to meet objectives. Approach begins with the desired outcome as a given. 
  • Proactive: Recognizes that by planning ahead they can be in the best position to influence the outcome. They do not hesitate to engage to solve problems.
  • Collaborative: Carefully considers who needs to be involved in situational analysis, effective decision making, implementation planning and reassessments.
  • Persuasive: Articulate, confident, clear and convincing in individual and group discussions and public presentations.
  • Open: Flexible, adapts and seeks input, new ideas and learning. Develops creative, imaginative solutions.
  • Empathy: Sensitivity to others views, needs and situations. An ability to know what other people want.
  • Listens Well: Seeks to understand others through open dialogue, is susceptible to others’ input and suggestions, and is patient.
  • Develops Others: Builds teams. Has a sincere interest in others’ careers; creates growth opportunities. Not arrogant. People feel “in” on things. Has loyal relationships at all levels.
  • Trusted: Honest, ethical, candid and fair. Acts at all times with integrity and explicitly avoids deception, duplicity or degrading behavior.
  • Self-Awareness: Knows their own strengths and weaknesses and how they come across to others. Is mindful of their personal impact.
  • Courage: Takes responsibility for their decisions and actions. Has the candor to be frank, honest and sincere with others while keeping the words free from bias, prejudice or malice.
  • Loyalty: Understands a leader earns loyalty by having integrity, being fair, firm and objective and treating others appropriately. 
  • Judgment: Able to assess people and situations, to accurately form opinions based on information, experience and inference. Makes effective decisions and follows through on them.
  • Vision: Able to determine the right things to do, sound strategic orientation, providing break-through ideas that position the firm for success now and in the future.
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Abernathy Engineering Group takes pride in providing our clients with cost effective solutions.  We have more than 40 years of experience in the Civil Engineering field.
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